Interaction Design & Photography

Do it with passion – or not at all.

As a typical millennial, I'm involved in all sorts of interesting projects and am a believer in the work-life-blend.

Current activities

Some places where you find me.

schmizz communicate 360°

My main day job – doing what an interaction designer does. Please understand that my time is limited and I'm not taking on private jobs anymore. I'd be more than happy to work for you through schmizz.


A project I launched with my friend Tabea Till-Anderfuhren, bringing music to people with dementia.

The first thing we were asked to do back in graphic designer school, was to sign up for the publishingblog newsletter. Now, many years later, I'm a proud author for it.

Katzenhaus Schaffhausen

Another one of my passions is giving cats a home who are difficult to place and as a member of the marketing team, I try to raise some awareness and money for our local cat shelter. 

Nevada – The Countryband From Heidiland

Talking about enabling – I've been designing Nevada's cd covers before I became a graphic designer, I've been coding their website before I became a web designer, I've been shooting their band pictures before I became a photographer. I was just a kid having fun and I wouldn't be the same today without their support.

Swiss Design Association

As an interaction designer, I'm a bit of a rare bird in this club – but I am a bird in this club :-)


I've been building websites for over 20 years. Today, I build 99% of my websites using «Joomla!» and the Yootheme pagebuilder.

Some of my more recent work